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ESPN says Royals have seventh best farm system

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The countdown rolls on...

More Yordano
More Yordano
David Banks

Oh the prospect rankings are coming fast and furious as we get closer to February. The latest is from Keith Law at ESPN who released his organizational rankings today. (Insider subscription required. That costs money.)

Law says the Royals have the seventh best farm system. I don't know... In a way, it feels like we have the very best farm system. He briefly touches on the Class of 2011, which was in fact part of THE BEST FARM SYSTEM EVER, before turning his eye to the next crop of prospects:

The next group is less hyped, but might be just as good, with power arms leading the way and a couple of strong bats.

A number seven ranking seems encouraging. Even if the system is heavy on pitching prospects (which don't ever seem to arrive in Kansas City) and players several years from making an impact. There remains depth in the organization. And with Sean Manaea starting his career this year and with a deep draft ahead, the Royals are poised to build on that depth.

Looking at our Central rivals, the bad news is the Twins system is loaded. Law ranks them at number two, just behind the Astros. I'm already having nightmares about Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano. The good news is the Indians check in at 17 with the Tigers and the White Sox near the bottom at 27 and 28 respectively.

Law will release his top 100 list tomorrow and his team top 10s on Wednesday.