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Four Royals Make Keith Law's Top 100 Prospect List

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When not reviewing restaurants in the greater Toronto area, Keith Law scouts minor league prospects. Here, he gives some praise to four of our youngsters. And try the ahi tuna.

Ed Zurga

More prospect lists! More prospect lists!

This time its Keith Law, the sharp, yet acerbic ESPN writer who once worked for J.P. Riccardi's Blue Jays. Law is one to give a bit more credence to performance and statistics, but still retain a scout's eye. He lists four Royals on his Top 100 Prospect List (INSIDER):

10. RHP Kyle Zimmer

22. SS Raul Adalberto Mondesi

50. RHP Yordano Ventura

81. RHP Miguel Almonte

Since its paywall-protected I won't get into his comments too much, but he is bearish on Ventura, seeing his future in the bullpen, and his ranking of the flamethrower seems to reflect that as others have had Ventura much higher. He does think the change-up shows flashes of being average for what its worth. He loves Zimmer, calling him a "future ace" who should move quickly if he can stay healthy.

Outfielder Byron Buxton of the Twins is the #1 prospect which is no surprise. The Astros and Red Sox lead all teams with seven prospects apiece.