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Meet New Royals Beat Writer Andy McCullough

Dutton has left us....but there is another.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Star announced today that they have hired 26-year old Andy McCullough as their new beat writer for the Kansas City Royals. McCullough has been the beat writer for the Yankees and Mets the past few years for the Newark Star-Ledger, starting at the paper in 2010, right out of college. He is a graduate of Syracuse University. You can follow him on twitter here.

You can read some of his work with the Star-Ledger here.

He tweets a lot, so he should be entertaining to follow, and according to his Twitter feed, he appears to be a bit of a professional wrestling fan. No one can ever replace the dry, acerbic Uncle Bob Dutton, but McCullough seems like a young go-getter than can hopefully ask the tough questions commonplace in East Coast media.