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A Very Special Royals Review Top 10

Let's take a moment to gaze at our collective navel.

They are all reading Royals Review.
They are all reading Royals Review.
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

From the Home Office in an undisclosed location in suburban Kansas City, I present the Top 10 commenters on Royals Review in 2013 as ranked by total comments:

billybeingbilly 13784
LaFLamme 10982
philofthenorth 9749
Scott McKinney 9125
averagegatsby 6499
Kansas City Keith 5896
Loose Seal 5869
RoyalsRetro 5109
Josh Duggan 4932
buddyball 4699

I'm seriously disappointed in averagegatsby who fell just one comment short of the magical 6,500 plateau. I mean, that's the difference in a potential HoF commenting career and the Hall of Very Good Commenting. Maybe next year. Of KCK's nearly 5,900 comments, I'm guessing at least 5,700 are replies to himself. So if you're looking to get on the 2014 leaderboard, there's more than one way to skin the comment cat.

And while I am pleased for the group in this Top 10, realize there was one commenter who left a whopping 45,000 comments at McCovey Chronicle. Ummm, yeah.

How about the FanPosts?

KCTiger 21
Dubya 19
Gopherballs 17
Brad Ebert 15
Antibawang 12
BHWick 11
Farmhand 11
theroyalblues 11
Revive 85 11
just_another_fan 10

And the FanShots?

Dubya 153
RoyalsRetro 108
Jeff Zimmerman 40
thelaundry 34
Connor Moylan 13
HarryL 12
pete_clarf 12
Jack Marsh 11
Loose Seal 10
Cuthbert1 10

A tremendous shout-out to Dubya and Retro. Among the 30 MLB team blogs at SBN, they were number one and number two in FanShots posted. The only guys in triple digits. We should get you a plaque or something.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to everyone - contributors, commenters, readers - who stopped by this humble site in 2013. It was a helluva year. Glad you allowed me along for the ride.