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A Super Sunday Friday Open Thread

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The Big Game is coming up. That's right, the Puppy Bowl. Who ya got?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This Sunday, millions of Americans will huddle around their televisions, gnaw on buffalo wings, and drink copious amounts of beer. Many of them will even be paying attention to football! Yes, it is time for the NFL Championship game. Its one of the biggest games of the year, some might say the "Super Bowl" of football.

I am a baseball fan first and foremost, but I do enjoy the professional football as well (concussions notwithstanding). But the Super Bowl is probably the game I watch the least amount of football. First of all, I'm a Chiefs fan, so a team I care about is never playing in the big game. Second of all, there is like 15 minutes of actual football spread over five hours. Third, I usually watch the game at a Super Bowl party, meaning between chatting with my buddies, their wives, breaking up fights among our kids, putting together a snack plate, and getting another beer, I miss three-quarters of the plays on the field. It safe to say I'm looking forward to the Seattle salmon more than the Seattle Seahawks.

Four Super Questions:

1. Bruce Chen is back! Which Royals scrub (non-star), past or present, is irrationally a fan favorite of yours?

2. Aside from Royals Review, what sports sites do you read regularly?

3. What national brand or chain have you sworn off for good, and why?

4. Broncos vs. Seahawks. Who ya got? (or alternatively, which puppy ya got?)

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