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Your Baseball Hall of Fame Open Thread

You are all guilty!

Awash in a substance. Perhaps water.
Awash in a substance. Perhaps water.

Moments away from the unveiling of the Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2014. Who will get in? Who was snubbed? If Hideo Nomo is elected, would he wear a Royals cap on his HoF plaque.

So many questions. The answers will be shown to all in due time.

The Baseball Think Factory Gizmo has tabulated over 200 ballots and it looks like we could have four inductees:

Greg Maddux
Tom Glavine
Frank Thomas
Craig Biggio

As I noted last week, I feel any ballot with fewer than the maximum of 10 boxes checked is a flawed ballot.

Anyway, Twitter is in flames at the moment thanks to sanctimony, righteous indignation, and extreme hipsterism, (or as I call it, Wednesday) so I thought I would create a safe place where we could all congregate this afternoon. It's time to rub on some "clear," pop a greenie and revisit our debate as to why the Baseball Hall of Fame should adopt something akin to the Electoral College.

Stay safe, everyone.