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RIP Dave Sanford

The Royals community lost one of the original online voices at far too young an age.

Jamie Squire

We at Royals Review would like to pay our condolences Dave Sanford, the original founder of Royals Corner, who has passed away.

His sister informed the members of Royals Curve, which used to be Dave's website at, that he passed peacefully in his sleep after suffering from a minor illness.

Dave was one of the original online voices, first writing at the Royals Corner Blogspot before moving to Scout. He was as passionate about the Royals as they come and it showed through in his writing. His opinions may have leaned more optimistic than is normally seen around these parts, but he could still step back and critically analyze the Royals and the people making the decisions.

I will always be indebted to Dave; he gave me my first shot at blogging. Dave let me masquerade as a minor league writer for him one summer, helping me earn some college credit and build up enough of a portfolio to start writing here.

He was also a pleasure to watch baseball games with. Dave met me in Lawrence to watch the KU-MU baseball series, giving me good-natured ribbing when his favorite college team triumphed over mine. I remember him bringing his camera and snapping some excellent photos of the game, one of his specialties as a blogger.

The Royals community will miss his voice next season, and those who knew him will miss an admirable man who passed away far too early. May he rest in peace.