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ALCS Game Two Overflow Thread #1: Royals vs. Orioles

Yordano is THROWING FIRE, but doing so a bit wildly.

Patrick Smith

The Royals kept the scorin' train chugging right from the get-go. Nori Aoki singled, Lorenzo Cain doubled, and Eric Hosmer brought em both home on a bloop single over short. Lorenzo Cain gets major props for getting a terrific read on the ball and scoring from second easily.

Yordano is THROWING FIRE, but throwing it wildly, walking three hitters in the second to load the bases. Caleb Joseph plated Baltimore's first run with a sacrifice fly to make it 2-1 Royals. Jonathan Schoop would take one to the warning track, but Lorenzo Cain catches everything. He has even caught ROYALS FEVER.

The Royals got some great at-bats by Lorenzo Cain and Eric Hosmer to put runners on the corner before Billy Butler drove Cain in on an RBI double. After two and a half, the Rawls lead 3-1.