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Get some swag with your own Super-Cain t-shirt

Its a bird, its a plane, its SUPER CAIN.

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Royals merchandise is flying off stores like hotcakes, even if some of it is sorta generic stuff that reads ALWAYS OCTOBER (really? ALWAYS October? So Christmas this year is on OCTOBER 86th? I don't get it.) Hey, some of the Royals post-season gear is nice, but how long can you wear a "Royals 2014 Post-Season" shirt? Maybe a few months into next season, tops?

So we're partnering with BreakingT to develop our own Royals-themed shirts, ones that celebrate the players we all know and love. The first one they've developed for sale is this "SUPER CAIN" Lorenzo Cain shirt you can proudly wear to show the nation you heard of him first before he became a super-duper star on the national stage.

Super Cain

These guys have made popular t-shirts on a number of other SB Nation sites like Pounding the Rock and Hogs Heaven, so its about time we got some attention. These shirts are supposedly super soft and comfy, kinda like the comfy feeling we get from knowing Lorenzo Cain is patrolling center-field.

To be honest, I wouldn't push just any shirt on you guys (those Royals Review logo shirts went over like a lead balloon), but I wanted to partner with these guys because they want to hear from us. They know that we ARE the Royals community and they want to know if we have any good ideas for shirts (because they like to sell shirts that are popular, and thus make money, you see, and we like to buy cool shirts. Its a win-win.) So if there is a shirt you've been dying to see, please suggest it and they can turn around and whip one up just like that.