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Vote for your favorite Royals t-shirt to be sold this afternoon

You want some new Royals gear for the World Series, right?

A few days ago I wrote about the snazzy new Lorenzo Cain shirts we are selling in conjunction in BreakingT, and lo and behold LORENZO CAIN WAS NAMED ALCS MVP! Coincidence? I think not.

The Lorenzo "Super Cain" shirts are still available, and you should be able to get them by Game One of the World Series if you order today. However, the sales have been so good, we want to provide more shirts for fans to wear since they can't seem to keep them on the shelf in enough numbers around Kansas City. And the cool thing is, they want OUR input since we are the smartest, most knowledgeable and handsomest Royals fans on the internet.

So here are your four choices. Vote below on which one you want, and whichever selection is winning the vote at noon, Central Time today will be the one they print and make available for sale. The choices are:

1. Walk-Off Hosmer

Eric Hosmer won Game 2 of the ALDS with an extra-inning home run and with the way he's hitting, he could provide late-inning heroics again in the World Series. The other option was to use his signature phrase from when he was mic'd up, but "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" wouldn't fit on a shirt.


Hos shirt

2. Jarrod Dyson Dance Party

Its the dance popularized by Jarrod Dyson, that is so fun and easy to do, even Billy Butler can do it after stealing second. Just don't wear this shirt in Baltimore, they will find it highly offensive.


Dyson shirt

3. Never Forget

We can't forget our roots. No matter how much success we have in 2014, we must preserve and respect the tradition laid forth by George Brett, Frank White, and Steve Balboni's glorious mustache.

Never Forget

Never forget

4. Throw Fire

Yordano Ventura's arm is a flamethrower of justice, so why not celebrate his gift before his arm shatters into a thousand pieces on the mound in front of a horrified Kauffman Stadium crowd?

Throw Fire
Throw Fire

Once voting is over, they will make the winning shirt available for sale THIS AFTERNOON so if you order today you should be able to get the shirt by next week.

These guys are actually reading our comments, so if you have suggestions for these shirts, or ideas for new shirts, please comment below. They are in the business of selling shirts, so they want to provide Royals fans with shirts they would actually want to buy.  And if you see someone wearing one of these shirts around town, you can ask them "hey, are you on Royals Review, too?" and give them a big high-five (or a box of pop tarts, if available).

EDIT: VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! The Jarrod Dyson Dance Party has won. I will have a post with a link this afternoon when it becomes available. Thanks for voting!