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OT Friday Thread: World Series Edition

Five more days until baseball. Let's get off topic.

Slap that five.
Slap that five.
Ed Zurga

Judging by their lack of response, I'll have to assume that SBNation is not going to pay my way into the World Series.

Opportunity missed.

With the World Series occupying our collective consciousness, there is little point in attempting to deviate too far from the script with this week's questions.

1. What is the craziest way you've spent money? Was it worth it?

2. What are the most dire financial straits you've found yourself in?

3. What is the farthest you've traveled for something that many people would consider trivial?

4. I had a dream while slipping in and out of slumber this morning that the Royals scored went up on the Giants in the first in Game One. Can you think of a situation in which a dream you had was predictive of a real event?

5. What is the most shocking thing to which you've ever borne witness?

Boner #1: Jim Messina or Chris Messina?

Boner #2: Kenny Loggins or Kenny Rogers?