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Sung Woo Lee will return for Game 1 of the World Series

The return of Woo.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone break out your best Ric Flair impersonations, because The Woo is coming back:

The man who may or may not be singularly responsible for where the Royals stand now, on the eve of World Series participation, will be back in Kansas City for Game 1 of the Series.

Filmmaker Josh Swade has made Sung Woo the subject of a future ESPN 30 for 30, and will be following Mr. Kim around for all of the pre- and post-game events that Sung Woo participates in.

So, in addition to seeing the Royals in the World Series, you will, in the very near future, get to relive the Sung Woo Experience in your very own 30 for 30.

The magical ride will never end. Not now, not ever. Go Royals.