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What's your story, morning glory? Sunday Open Thread

We're in the eye of the storm.

Jamie Squire

Sitting in the back of a sanctuary on Sunday morning trying to divine some sort of inspiration on what to write about. The last few days have been spent in a murky miasma of not-really-understanding-what's-going-on-here, and the fact that the Royals are in the World's Series might not actually strike me until 6:07 on Tuesday.

Because of the conflict I have with the front office and its management, I am wary of all of this. I enjoy it, absolutely. Absolutely. Every second of every game is the inch between living and dying. And it is an amazing experience. I hope it continues through four more Royals victories. After the dawn, though, dusk is coming.

But let us push those thoughts away. Let us sit as old men do and tell tales of adventures past.

I suppose you could consider this a Sunday open thread. We haven't had one in a while because, you know, winning playoff games and all that.

So here.

1. Where did you watch the Royals clinch a berth in the World Series?

2. Where will you be watching Game 1?

3. What is one of your most vivid memories of a Royals game in your lifetime?

4. Who is responsible for making you the lovestruck Blue Man that you are today?

5. Who plays the following people in Royalball?

  • Dayton Moore
  • Ned Yost
  • Alex Gordon
  • Eric Hosmer
  • Mike Moustakas
  • Lorenzo Cain

Bonus 1: What is the most responsible economic policy you can think of?

Bonus 2: What is the most egregious waste of money you can think of?