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Game 1, ALDS: Kansas City Royals at Los Angeles Angels GameThread

I'm glad this isn't a win-or-go-home game. I might die.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

There have been so many feelings regarding the wild Wild Card game victory. Elation. Fear. Utter euphoria. It feels ...I don't know...shameful, but it's time to put that behind us for the next few days. There is more baseball to be played.

The Royals will clash against the Angels tonight. Jason Vargas takes the mound for the Royals in an environment where he was comfortable last year as a member of the Angels.

Home 79 3.30 0.250 0.307 0.413 0.285 81.5% 0.315 3.96 4.17
Away 71 4.82 0.298 0.359 0.440 0.336 72.4% 0.351 4.23 4.42

However, Vargas moved to another pitcher-friendly park in 2014 and the splits reversed; he was far better away this year than at home. Of course, using math and logic and stuff, that means that tonight's game is technically a 2014 away game in a 2013 favorable environment. Double whammy of awesome? We can only hope.

The Royals' small-balling, bunting, running, gunning, hugging lineup will be facing Jered Weaver. Shaun Newkirk wrote about Weaver here; Weaver is not what he once was. Injuries have forced the Angels to start a guy who earlier in the season would have been questionable to start a game 3. Weaver is a righty who has a large platoon split this year but has had a reverse platoon split in the past. Weaver is also very comfortable in his home environment. Weaver has thrown over 800 innings each at home and away with different defenses and different run environments. Weaver has a 2.66 career ERA at home and a 3.92 career ERA away, and his decline hasn't stopped him from pitching well at home this year.

So, we've got two soft-tossing crafty vets looking to exploit the park and defense to prevent runs.

Let's go slap that fish.