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World's Series Game 1 Overflow Thread Part 2

Here's most of the reason you are having a bad time.

Rob Carr

The Giants lead 5-0 after four. James Shields was mercifully pulled from the game, but Danny Duffy, who hasn't pitched since throwing one inning in the ALDS nineteen days ago, walked the first two batters he faced. He came back with a strikeout and got Posey to pop out to right with the bases loaded.

The Royals had hope in the third, with runners on second and third and nobody out. Escobar and Aoki both struck out, Cain walked, and Hosmer grounded out on the first pitch he saw from Bumgarner.

Hope seems to be fleeting at this point, but hey. What do I know? Certainly not as much as Harold Reynolds. He played the game for a while, so he should probably be paid to talk about it incessantly.