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World's Series Game 1 Overflow Thread Part 3

The darkness has come, and with it the monsters wreak.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals have two hits off of Madison Bumgarner, and the Giants have six seven runs off of James Shields and Danny Duffy. Mostly Shields, though. Duffy was doing very well, but ran into trouble in the seventh, thanks in part to a Nori Aoki vaudeville routine in right field.

Ned Yost then decided to bring in Tim Collins to face Buster Posey, which seemed like a really, really bad idea at the time. It worked out, in that Posey hit a missile directly to Eric Hosmer, who was pulled in and shifted towards right field.

The Royals offense has looked kind of like the Royals offense circa September 5th; lifeless, morose, incapable of capitalization. The defense has been good, outside of the Aoki fiasco, but not flashy or anything. Perez was a train wreck.

This was going to be a difficult game to win, what with Madison Bumgarner being the best starting pitcher in the series, and also being one of the top twenty starting pitchers in baseball. So, maybe they come back. And also maybe we realize there are six more games.

Barring a miracle, this will be your last overflow of the night. Make it count.