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World Series Game Two overflow thread #1: Royals lead after 2

Alcides Escobar's double put the Royals on top after a bummer start to the game.

Hello, gorgeous.
Hello, gorgeous.
Rob Carr

Former Omaha Storm Chaser Gregor Blanco dashed the home team's hopes early with a home run to lead things off for San Francisco. However, the Royals rebounded.

In the bottom of the first, an out on the bases by Alcides Escobar stung badly, since Lorenzo Cain doubled immediately thereafter. Kansas City probably could have used another run. Billy Butler served up some Country Breakfast after an Eric Hosmer walk, scoring Cain.  Alex Gordon uncharacteristically popped out on the first pitch to end the inning. It's a fool's errand to play "what if," but I am almost certainly a fool. So what if Escobar hadn't gotten caught? What if Gordon had taken even one more pitch? Chew on those questions below, if you wish. Hopefully they don't weigh too heavily on our minds tonight.

Aside from the homer, Yordano Ventura is throwing fire, much to the delight of the announcing crew. His fastballs are sitting snugly in the high 90s, with an almost unfair amount of late movement.

Omar Infante doubled with one out in the 2nd, and scored on an Ecobar double down the line.