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World Series Game 2, Overflow #2: Tied at 2, mid 6

The Giants keep putting leadoff runners on. This game is frightening.

Yordano Ventura, throwing fire. Is it firey enough?
Yordano Ventura, throwing fire. Is it firey enough?

After showing some sparks in the 2nd, the Royals went down quietly in the 3rd.

For what seems like the first time ever, Lorenzo Cain went after a ball to deep center and did not catch it. He came close, with the ball bouncing off the heel of his glove, but Pablo Sandoval ended up with a double to start the 4th. Per Harold Reynolds, the wind had just started to pick up as the night cooled down. Mother Nature is a mean one.

The Giants capitalized when Brandon Belt drove Sandoval in to tie the game. Nori Aoki played the ball awkwardly off the bounce. I believe we have seen such awkwardness before.

But then, somehow, Aoki's bad defense came through in the clutch to end the inning. Michael Morse popped out on a full count with one out, and Aoki's throw went wild. Yordano Ventura scrambled after the ball and fired to Omar Infante to snag Belt at 2nd for a double play. #RoyalsDevilMagic?

To lead off the 5th, Mike Moustakas hit directly into the Giants' shift, stifling hopes that the Royals could start go get to Jake Peavy. Escobar and Aoki made meek outs as well, and Peavy finished the 5th having thrown just 57 pitches.  Royals gonna Royal.

Yordano Ventura was pulled after 5.1, making way for Kelvin Herrera. Ventura gave up 8 hits, two runs (both earned), struck out just 2, and didn't walk anyone. How do you feel about the timing of Yost's hook?