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World Series Game 2 Overflow #3: Suddenly, a lead!

Omar Infante delivers a blow, and the ensuing exchanges of words briefly clears the benches.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals are digging deep into San Francisco's bullpen after an eventful 6th inning. Billy Butler came through again, driving in the go-ahead run. Lorenzo Cain runs fast in the bases, maxing out at 20.1 MPH on his way home.

Salvador Perez drove in a pair with a double off Hunter Strickland. And then OH MY HECK I AM LOSING MY MIND.

/clears throat/

Errr, sorry. Omar Infante homered to left, and Strickland took issue with Salvador Perez existing, I guess. Reportedly, he was saying, "Get in the dugout, boy," which...yikes. The bench briefly emptied, but there was no fracas, nor was anyone ejected. The 6th ended with a glorious 7-2 lead. (Hat tip to commenter kaiser1118 for that Vine.)

Herrera struggled a bit in the 7th, possibly because he sat for 30 minutes while the offense worked its magic in the 6th. But he settled down and shut down the Giants heading into the 7th inning stretch.!

The front-row Marlins fan is back in his seat after a couple innings of absence. I believe the consensus around here is that he is annoying? Maybe it's just the orange.