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Postgame overflow: Royals win!

The Royals win 7-2 thanks to an action-packed 6th and performances by all three cyborgs of HDH.

Jamie Squire

After the fireworks of the 6th inning, the rest of the game was relatively peaceful for the Royals.

Wade Davis mowed down the Giants with 14 pitches in the 8th.

In the bottom of the 8th, Josh Willingham worked a full count against noted garbage-time reliever Tim Lincecum, but ultimately struck out. Alex Gordon, basically invisible the entire game, popped out into foul ground on a 2-0 pitch. Timmay left the game with an apparent injury in the middle of Salvador Perez's plate appearance. Santiago Casilla is the sixth reliever Bruce Bochy has called upon tonight. He only had to throw one pitch to finish striking out Salvador Perez.

None of the above mattered much, because Kansas city had a five-run lead, and the 9th inning belongs to Greg Holland.

Batter 1: Strikeout.

Batter 2: Strikeout.

Batter 3: ....single, dang it.

Batter 4: Strikeout!

With that, the Royals win their first World Series game since Game 7 in 1985. Rabble amongst yourselves below.