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OT Friday Thread: World Series distractions

Getting off.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto

Cutting to the chase:

1. In honor of tiquanunderwear's dad who does not know we exist, what's the coolest thing--limited to a single act/occasion--one of your parents did for you?

2. I woke up at 3:40 this morning--the hazards of depriving oneself of sleep for two days I suppose--and have not changed the channel from MovMAX. Last Kiss is on, which is not particularly good, but Zach Braff in the lead while Casey Affleck is in a supporting role. Sure this may have been the result of availability, but Braff's career as a, let's just say, atypical leading man is probably one that happened against reasonable odds. The soundtrack features amongst others Coldplay. The film was written by Paul Haggis. Its female lead was on The Real World. Whose career--however you would like to define their CV, and whatever field--is most surprising to you?

3. From 11:20 PM on Tuesday night through yesterday afternoon, I drove to and from Kansas City from Austin, met Max and Jeff, went to a World Series game, and did so with about seven random hours of sleep scattered between Tuesday morning and last night. I did so fueled by four cups of gas station coffee, two Dr. Peppers, seven sugar-free Red Bulls, and three cute little bottles of 5-Hour Energy. When is the last time that you wished you had made the wiser investment of buying and doing drugs?

4. While it may not have been critically acclaimed, people liked 300, at least when judging by its routine citation in popular culture and its $456M in box office returns. Who or what thing's popularity completely baffles you?

5. If you could make the rest of the world do one thing, what would you impose upon them?

Boner #1: Fried pies or regular pies?

Boner #2: Golf or tennis?