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Royals-Giants World Series Game Three Starting Lineups

Nedyo mixin' it up a bit without his designated hitter.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals and Giants move the World Series to AT&T Park in San Francisco for Game Three, so the game will be played without a designated hitter. Billy Butler moves to the bench, and Ned Yost takes this opportunity to start Jarrod Dyson, presumably to improve the defense for what could be a tricky outfield to play in.

Here is how the Royals lineup in Game Three:

Gordon getting bumped up to second in the lineup is interesting considering his struggles the last two months. Moustakas goes all the way from ninth to fifth in the lineup, right next to buddy Eric Hosmer. Salvador Perez continues to hit in the lower third of the lineup, despite his double on Wednesday night.

How about the Giants?

The only change seems to be designated hitter Mike Morse taking a seat on the bench. As mentioned in the comments of the Aoki/Dyson thread, it would be a nice time to test Travis Ishikawa's defense in left-field.

Jeremy Guthrie is a lifetime .089/.121/.125 hitter in 64 career plate appearances, so he will of course, hit a home run tonight.