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World Series Game Five Open Thread - Royals vs Giants

We Ready

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants will wrap up the AT&T Park portion of the World Series on Sunday night in a critical Game Five. The Giants and Royals are tied at two games apiece.

James Shields will be starting for the Royals, facing off against Madison Bumgarner. Shields, as you may have heard, has not pitched particularly well this postseason, while Bumgarner has been a stud. Thinking about KC facing the southpaw has me sweating bullets, but hopefullly they hit him bettter after seeing him four days ago.

It would also be nice to see a dominant Shields performance like many we have seen the past two years. To my untrained eyes, he has looked worn out during the playoffs, but I'm sure we are going to see whatever energy he has left tonight.

Jarrod Dyson is still starting in center field. I wouldn't have minded Ned putting Norichika Aoki in the lineup instead, especially against Bumgarner, but it's hard to complain about the super-defense.