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Royals Rumblings - News for October 27, 2014

Why do I feel like I was punched in the gut?

Rob Carr

Royals Rumblings - News for October 27, 2014

Ned Yost is living in the moment.

"You know," Yost said, "all of my boys in that locker room have a deep feeling in their heart that they’re going to win the World Series. And if you have that feeling, a loss doesn’t matter. If you believe you’re going to win — one loss, two losses doesn’t matter. It’s a seven-game series; you’ve got to win four.

"So you just go out, play your hearts out, and whatever happens, happens. All the ingredients are there for it to be successful."

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Clearly he is not planning for anything much at all.

Will Leitch of Sports on Earth thinks its terrific the Series is returning to Kansas City, because the Royals fans have made this series special.

When you open the door to leave the 390 Bar & Grill, you are instantly pummeled with an overwhelming noise. It hits you like a gust of wind; it can knock you over. It is like being in the air conditioning all day and then stepping outside and realizing it's 105 degrees out there. This noise is happening at Kauffman Stadium constantly, whether the Royals are doing something or not. But when they score five runs in an inning like they did in Game Two, it shakes you to your bones. It is a noise like no other I have heard at a baseball stadium...

At the very least: This series needs to get back to Kansas City. AT&T Park might be the loveliest stadium in all of baseball … but I miss those lunatics at Kauffman already. If you're cheering for a legendary series, let's face it: You're rooting for the Royals to win it, and to do it at home.

Cool piece by Jim Callis for Sports on Earth, ranking the players in the World Series as prospects.

1. Alex Gordon, LF, Royals: The first player ever to win Baseball America's college and minor league player of the year awards in consecutive seasons (Kris Bryant just became the second), Gordon went No. 2 overall in the 2005 draft out of Nebraska. He signed for $4 million, hit .325/.427/.588 in Double-A in his pro debut in 2006 and then took over at third base in Kansas City.

While he was the biggest can't-miss prospect on this list, for a while it looked like he might, because he didn't really get his bat going until he became a full-time outfielder in his fifth season in the majors.

Fivethirtyeight has discovered what Royals fans already knew - that the cost of World Series tickets has gone up.

If the current price for Game 7 holds (and, of course, if that game is necessary), about $40 million will have been spent on the tickets to fill Kauffman Stadium. They’re averaging $1,078 a pop.

Eno Sarris at Fangraphs looks at the terrific at-bat by Eric Hosmer on Friday against Javier Lopez to put the Royals on top.

Former Royals great Hal McRae is enjoying the current team's run.

"I'm happy they're playing winning baseball again," McRae said Wednesday. "I'm rooting for them. And I'm watching the games, and I really don't watch a lot of baseball. Once they started to play competitive ball in August and September, I stared watching their games. I've watched all of the postseason play. It's a wonderful feeling to see them back on top again."


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Have you been wondering about those Royals fans in cat-print unitards? Wonder no more, for here is their story.

Yea, Marlins Guy is the worst.

According to Deadspin, Royals vice-president of public affairs Toby Cook then said this of Mr. Leavy and his rooting interests

"[Leavy] said, 'No, no, this is my M.O. I wear this orange jersey and I get on TV all the time,'" Cook said. "We asked if he's a big Marlins fan and he said, 'God, no, I hate those guys — I just wear this to get on TV.'"....

So will Leavy be on hand for Game 6 and, if necessary, Game 7 back at KC's Kauffman Stadium? "Yes, and they don't want me to go," he said. "I have the same tickets. Watch what happens. I'm going to hold up signs, like, 'The Royals are liars.'"

Rob Lowe and one Royals fans made up.

World Series ratings are down from 2013, but up from 2012.

Comedian and Giants fan Robin Williams had a nice tribute at the World Series game that FOX failed to show.

Really awful news about Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras, who was killed in a car accident Sunday.

The Montreal Rays?

How do the Oklahoma City Thunder move on without Kevin Durant?

Ole Miss fans are upset their #1 team was upset. says copyright laws give Amazon too much power in the book industry.

Your song of the day is Lenny Kravitz with "It Ain't Over Til its Over."