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Game 6, World Series Game Thread - The Giants of San Francisco versus the Royals of Kansas City

With elimination in the air, the Royals turn their eyes to Yordano Ventura for guidance.

So hard.
So hard.

While this is far from the first time these words could be uttered in this strange, fantastic season, today they have meant it more than ever before: This is the biggest game this franchise has seen since 1985.

With the Giants needing but a single win to take home their third World Series trophy in five seasons, the Royals return to Kauffman Stadium with their offense in stasis and their own hopes of flying that flag over the outfield on life support. Their last, best hope lives in the potent right arm of Yordano Ventura, possessor of perhaps the most spectacular arm in the game's history. His is a skillset that cannot be taught. His gift is prodigious. His natural ability leads skeptics to ponder the existence of a Creator or a mythical magic for which science and reasoning cannot offer explanation.

And for the Royals' season to continue past tonight, some magic is most definitely necessary.

There is a measure of solace to be taken in the fact that the Royals came out victorious in all but three of Ventura's starts since July 4th. That four months, 18 starts, and just three losses for the club.

While there are perils in drawing too much meaning from such an admittedly small stretch of possibly if not probably coincidental points of data, there is the inarguable fact that Yordano Ventura's heater generates sincere and discernible arousal in the hearts and loins of otherwise straight young men. The allure of his velocity is primal and undeniably magnetic. As Helen's face launched 1,000 ships, Ventura's arm launched thousands of erections, and there is no limit to what arousal can do to the professional athlete. That's just science.

Los Gigantes will send midseason acquisition Jake Peavy to the mound. Peavy's track record both in the postseason and at Kauffman Stadium should embolden hope as well, as his ERA in each case is poor (7.05 and 6.50). It's also been half a decade since Peavy was much more than an average starting pitcher.

When last these two faced each other, six days ago, Ventura and the Royals were the victors.

This being Game Six of the World Series, it should be noted that the home team also has an advantage in recent history, an advantage that will no doubt be beaten to death by tonight's broadcast team.

May history repeat itself tonight. May Yordano Ventura's immeasurable gift lead the Royals to victory.

This game shall be an rWAR!