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Royals-Giants Game 6 Starting Lineups

Ned is rooting for a Game 7. Let's give the man what he wants.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

So...big game eh? Its Game Six, a must-win game for the Royals as they find themselves down three games to two. The Royals have found themselves in this position before of course, down 3-2 against the Cardinals after John Tudor was brilliant with a complete game shutout in Game 5. The Royals stormed back to rally in Game 6, and blew the Cardinals out in Game 7 to win their only championship thus far.

Game Six is where legends and magic are made in the World Series. Home teams are 19-6 in Game 6 of the World Series since 1969. And if you get to Game 7, the last nine home teams have won a Game 7, the last road team successfully winning in 1979 with the "We are Family Pirates."

For the Royals, let's look at Ned Yost's American League starting lineup.

That's pretty much been their starting lineup the last month when they weren't playing devilish National League rules. Mike Moustakas moves up in the lineup to 8th because he's swinging a "hot" bat.

Here is how the Giants adjust to American League rules.

Ah yes, the Travis Ishikawa experience is back in left. Seems like we have yet to take full advantage of that.

Madison Bumgarner is supposedly available to go tonight, but you have to think after 117 pitches two days ago, he'd only come in an emergency. Jake Peavy has a 7.05 career post-season ERA in eight starts, so perhaps an emergency is more possible than the Giants would like to think. But how will the Royals react with their back against the wall?

Ned seems confident, almost eerily confident, like when the crazy derelict at the bar tells you he's been abducted by aliens, but he says it so confidently and calmly, you pretty much believe him.

First pitch is at 7:07 CT. I think its safe to say this is the biggest game in the history of whatever.