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Game 6 Overflow Thread #1, Top 3rd: KC up 7-0

No more Peavy. He lasted 1 1/3 innings.

Ventura with tribute to Oscar Taveras
Ventura with tribute to Oscar Taveras
Ezra Shaw this happened.

The Royals had a chance to score some runs for the first time in 15 innings in the first.  Lorenzo Cain walked, Eric Hosmer hit a single to left field that was fielded poorly, and then Billy Butler grounded out to short.  Zero runs.

However, the Royals did strike--hard--in the bottom of the second with a vindictive flurry of hits and bloops, knocking out Peavy after only 1.1 innings.  Billy Butler's classic 2012 era double was the only truly hard hit ball of the inning.  After it all, 7 runs were had.  Seven.

Yordano has been consistently getting behind in the count against batters, but has seemed to get outs at a good pace, so that's good.  Cain has had an amazing play immediately, as he is making a case for the 2014 Royals MVP if you include the playoffs. Unfortunately, Hunter Pence is still annoying.

The Tweet of the Overflow is such:

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Let's keep going, shall we?