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ALDS Game 1 Overflow #4: KC 2, LAA 2, End of 9

Dormant bats. Shaky pen. Still tied up.

Madonna would want you to take a bow.
Madonna would want you to take a bow.
Jeff Gross

The Royals offense has gone to sleep while the bullpen has been shakier than one would expect.

The Royals offense has really looked terrible. They seem intent upon putting the lead-off runner on base every inning and then working themselves out of a self-created jam. In the seventh, it was a Kelvin Herrera walk. In the eighth it was a Wade Davis walk. In the ninth, Tim Collins brushed Gordon Beckham's laces. But I Don't Know What To Do With Those Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs walked C.J. Cron on a full count miss very wide, but he induced a Chris Iannetta ground-out to escape the ninth unscathed.

Thankfully Mike Scoscia has been a staunch advocate of small ball since the beginning in Anaheim.

Free outs! Disasters averted.

Everything is even at two runs apiece as the Royals head to extras in Anaheim.

This game is an fWAR!