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OT Friday Thread: Promoting the under-appreciated

Get me to love what you love.

Frederick M. Brown

With the likelihood of there being 75 articles on the front page today a relatively high one, this is likely to get lost in the playoff shuffle. Rather than go through the rigmarole of concocting five questions from the ether, I shall instead pose one to you, dear member of the commentariat. The query is as follows:

There is one thing that you care about--it could be a film, television program, book, vegetable, pair of shoes, etc.--that you believe to be woefully under-appreciated. Its brilliance is doubtless and undeniable, yet no one seems to give it the proper consideration. Its audience is an audience of few, if not one. Convince us, O Wise One. Convert us, Purveyor of the Undiscovered. Why should we embrace this under-appreciated thing which you hold so dearly?