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OT Friday Thread: Coping

Take a break from your Vince Guaraldi scored life and answer some questions.

Mike Coppola

Let us take a break from dragging our feet through our days, unenthusiastically kicking gravel that crosses our path, all while internally--it's entirely possible this is actually playing, but we cannot ask anyone else to confirm for fear of getting 5150'd--accompanied by "Christmas Time Is Here" and a cloud following overhead randomly spewing rain onto us.

1. What is the most depressed you have ever been?

2. OK, other than right now, what's the most depressed you have ever been?

3. Inspired by Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), Alejandro González Iñárritu is pretty much a must-see filmmaker for me and has been since the stunning Amores Perros. What filmmaker, show-runner, musician, and/or author has you hooked, and what work was it that guaranteed your loyalty to his/her every endeavor?

4. When was the last time you broke something out of spite or anger?

5. People love to talk about how great their pets are/were. What pet/pet owner that you know personally was the most aggravating and why?

Boner #1: Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer?

Boner #2: Bruce or Michael?