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ALDS Game 3 Overflow #3: Royals 8, Angels 2, Top 7

Royals offense and defense are clicking on all cylinders. This is fun.

Ed Zurga

The offense is clicking. Everybody but (predictably) Salvador Perez has been on base. Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas hung glorious dongs. Alex Gordon ripped a bases-loaded double--he advanced to third on the throw home--that cleared the bases.

Not only did Billy Butler score from first on the aforementioned Gordon double, but he stole second in the third. That was his first stolen base since July 5, 2012.


James Shields pitched himself into trouble seemingly every inning. Fortunately the pair of dongs hung against him were of the solo variety, and the defense had his back, specifically Lorenzo Cain who single-handedly got the Royals out of a tight spot in the fifth with two dynamic plays in center--one a full-out dive in the gap in left center and one a sliding grab in shallow center, both occurring with runners on and runs likely in the event of a hit.

With Shields sitting at 105 pitches, it looks likely that he will yield the floor to Kelvin Herrera.

Anything could happen, but this feeling, this foreign damn feeling feels mighty fine.

What is happening?