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Royals-Orioles ALCS tickets are the most expensive in recent memory

Hope you have your tickets in hand, because they're pricey.

Jamie Squire

I hope you've been saving money in a playoff ticket fund for the last 29 years, because now it will cost your an arm and a leg to attend one of the ALCS games hosted by Kauffman Stadium next week. Its pretty easy to see why.

"The ‘why’ starts and ends with the almost 30-year playoff drought that has just ended," SeatGeek analyst Connor Gregoire said. "That pent-up demand is boiling over, and it’s reflected in the ticket market."

Ticket broker analyst TiqIq says that since they started tracking prices on the secondary market in 2010, tickets for the Royals-Orioles ALCS are the highest they've seen. The high prices are fueled mostly be the pent-up demand in Kansas City, with the average ticket runs about $670, 30% higher than the games in Baltimore. Overall, the average ticket price for the series is $586, over a hundred dollars more than the previous best seller in the LCS - Giants/Cardinals in 2010.

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Based on average ticket prices, this year’s ALCS matchup between the Baltimore Orioles and Kansas City Royals ranks as the most expensive MLB league championship series in the last five years, according to The average entry cost for the series is $586.59, nearly a hundred dollars more than the previous high since 2010 — the Giants-Cardinals NLCS in 2012.

Some of the ticket prices are getting a little ridiculous.

Did you get your tickets? Which game are you attending and where?