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Superfluous GIFs of Hunter Dozier at the AFL Hitting Challenge

The internet: something this author has written volumes about with large error bars in accuracy, but spot on with the authors description of love and wonderment. There will never be a moment in which we know the internet in its entirety. Its spaceless yet knows infinite boundaries. Deep, dark, and full of emotion yet colorless and emotionless. Coldly created but exceptionally well crafted and refined by its end users. An unlimited amount of doors.

Below, a reader will find medias with graphical interchange format extensions (hereby referred to GIFs) of Royals prospect Hunter Dozier. Dozier will not be sleeping, eating, or doing anything that most normal human beings do. Instead, the reader will see, likely not to their surprise, GIFs of Hunter Dozier performing baseball activities. These aren't of the normal and commonly thought baseball activities though. These activities are one a spectator would see if he or she were in attendance at the Arizona Fall League Bowman Hitting Challenge. Being in attendance at such an event could bring the audience to nausea. Seeing an aspect of baseball not played to the style as first thought of and transcribed by the respected founders of the sport. The author gives no guarantee of what feelings, whether it be emotional or physical, a reader will experience while viewing these GIFs.

Such highlights of these GIFs will feature Dozier always swinging a bat. Dozier will always hit a spherical object, deemed a baseball by rulings and popular opinion, and through the forces of energy and gravity that object will speed across the "baseball diamond." This is where the GIFs become entertaining. Rather than fall into the gloves of opposing baseball players or relatively harmlessly to the ground (I have no scientific evidence that baseballs landing do or do not cause earthquakes), these spherical objects will instead hit other objects that absolutely do not belong on a "baseball diamond."

Such items include:

A standup banner of Nationals centerfielder Bryce Harper at third base

Ball buckets stacked into the shape of a pyramid

A human being curiously inside another spherical inflatable object

An inflatable bouncing castle

Cardboard boxes stacked in a pyrmaid

Several Hula Hoops meaning to be bunted into

Something labeled a United Healthcare Power Alley

Even a casual baseball observer will note that none of the above object truly belong on a baseball field.

As promised, here are the GIFs.

Dozier Bunt

Dozier Swing 1

Dozier Ball

Dozier Harper

Dozier Castle

Dozier Ball 2

Dozier Ball 3

He's able to hit a human being rolling in a plastic bubble from a baseball tee. What a perfect prospect.