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Royals Rumblings - News for November 12, 2014

BBQ tastes better than crabcakes, Billy.

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Rob Carr

Royals Rumblings - News for November 12, 2014

Turns out the whole "Ryan Howard is coming to Kansas City" thing was just a big misunderstanding.

USA Today reports that the Royals have had internal discussions about acquiring Howard from the Phillies, but a person with knowledge of the situation characterized the matter as overblown on Tuesday.

"Teams discuss every player," the person said.

Could Billy Butler be headed to our hated ALCS rival?

Do they even serve Country Breakfast in Baltimore?

For what its worth, Billy's people did meet with the Royals this week, although they may have discussed Brett Anderson, who is a target for the Royals, instead.

Sam Mellinger thumbnails what he'd do in the off-season if he ran the Royals.

If I was Dayton Moore, the first thing I would do is make damn effing sure I had at least $105 million or more to work with for 2014. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve said this before, but the first thing I would’ve done is grab the mic at the season celebration and ask everyone how The Process tasted, but, you know, different strokes.

Anyway, I would be incredulous at my boss if I had anything less than $105 million, and I’d be fairly pissed at anything less than $110 million. But after that, when I started looking at my roster, of course I’d be prioritizing a starting pitcher and a right fielder and a DH, but I’d also be obsessed with finding a catcher that my manager trusted to start at least 30 games next year.

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Imagine what Dayton Moore could do with more money! More Omar Infantes!

The Royals have offered Ibanez a non-playing role with the club.

"We would love have him be a part of what we’re doing in Kansas City," Moore said at the Arizona Biltmore, the site of the GM Meetings.

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Where will our "professional at-bats" come from in 2015?

Old friend Craig Brown of Royals Authority has a sneak peak at Baseball America's Top Ten Royals prospects.

Alex Gordon is the 2014 Fred Hutchinson Award winner, which honors off-the-field charitable work by MLB Players.

Buck Showalter won American League Manager of the Year, with Ned Yost finishing third. Some people are upset Yost didn't do better, but its largely meaningless award. TONY PENA WON IT, PEOPLE!

Salvador Perez homered for the MLB All-Stars in Japan in an 8-7 win. WHY COULDN'T YOU DO THAT A FEW WEEKS AGO AGAINST MADISON BUMGARNER?????

Could Elvis Andrus be the heir apparent to Derek Jeter in New York?

Our rival Minnesota Twins have new uniforms, so Grant Brisbee takes a look at the stripeless kits.

Grantland has a dictionary to explain sportscasting terms (does not include Rexisms).

Fivethirtyeight argues the NFL should expand to London, but not before it goes to Canada, Mexico, and a strange land called "Los Angeles." has a map documenting America's taste in hamburgers.

RIP "Franklin and Bash." You were the bro-iest law show on TV, brah.

Your song of the day is Urban Dance Squad with "Deeper Shade of Soul."