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Royals Rumblings - News for November 20, 2014

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Royals Rumblings - News for November 20, 2014

Billy is gone. And Sam Mellinger writes it was an "amicable divorce."

The Royals have also long wanted to open the DH spot to give regular position players a sort of half-day’s rest without taking their bat out of the lineup. That’s even more important now and going forward, with Sal Perez showing how his offensive production slumps with overuse, and Alex Gordon turning 31 in February.

So this is really the best outcome for both the Royals and Butler. For the player, he gets a contract larger than most industry insiders figured, and with a team that expects to win every year and will play him every day. He walks away from the organization that drafted him and made him rich with a hero’s farewell, those last three months of joy covering what had been a painful season.

For the Royals, they move closer to what they want to be. They get faster, more athletic, and maybe now manager Ned Yost will be more inclined to give Perez a few days off from catching.

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Jeffrey Flanagan writes the Royals had a chance to match Oakland's offer to Billy Butler, but passed.

"We were given an opportunity to work with Billy along the lines of how his contract was structured," Moore said in a conference call. "But we just didn't feel like it was in the best interests of our team (to match it).

"Billy has been a tremendous player for us. He's been a huge part of our success. And we wish him all the best."

The Royals appeared to be willing to offer Butler a two-year deal in the $14-16 million range. But it was the third year of Oakland's offer that nixed any notion of keeping Butler a Royal.

So what is Plan B?

According to sources, the Royals have had internal talks about committing to Carlos Peguero, who hit 30 homers last season at Triple-A Omaha, in a right field/DH role.

What about Yasmany Tomas? Flanagan writes:

The Royals have shown interest in 39-year-old Torii Hunter, and were in the Dominican Republic last week to attend a workout by Cuban outfielder Yasmany Tomas. But a source close to the situation said the Royals likely wouldn't be a player in the Tomas sweepstakes. Tomas could garner a deal in the $70-$100 million range.

Yours truly is quoted in this KCUR piece about Billy Butler's departure from Kansas City.

"As a fan, your heart wants Billy to stay," Rieper said. "My guess is that [the Royals] pursue someone who can play the field a little bit and also be a DH."

Eno Sarris at Fangraphs writes the Athletics signing Billy Butler to a three year deal may not be so crazy. Oakland expects Billy to start at first base against left-handers.

Flanagan also writes its not out of the question for the Royals to re-sign James Shields.

According to sources with knowledge of the situation, the Royals have not abandoned hope of re-signing their former ace and could still become a player in the bidding for Shields' services if offers "don't get outrageous."

"The main thing is they really don't want to break up that rotation," a source said. "But they know it will be tough sledding."

The Marlins are reportedly interested in Shields now.

Jon Heyman writes the Royals are looking at pitchers Ervin Santana and Francisco Liriano, as well as outfielder Torii Hunter.

The Royals will definitely take a peek at Lester and Shields, but it is generally against devoting 20 percent of their expected $100 million payroll to one player, making either of those aces improbable. They liked Santana very much from his year in Kansas City.

What about payroll?

No release date yet, but Boulevard Brewery is getting ready to unveil their Royals-themed beer.

Former General Manager predicts the Royals to be a suitor for free agent first baseman and Kansas native Adam LaRoche.

The Royals are hiring a Systems Architect! Inquire within. Nerds need not apply.

The Tigers are shopping ace David Price, so Bless You Boys looks at the potential return.

Phillies slugger Ryan Howard - who has family here in Kansas City - is engaged in a family squabble over money.

Robert Mays at Grantland writes about the dancin' fool - Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

BREAKING NEWS: SEC football coaches make a lot of money.

So....Bill Cosby eh? has a wrap-up with everything you need to know about the funniest dad on TV-turned-sexual predator.

Looking at "typical starting salary" is a terrible way to choose a college.

Its snowing a lot in Buffalo, which has trapped the band "Interpol."

Your song of the day is snowed-in Interpol with "Slow Hands."