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Friday OT Thread: Subverted expectations

Urban Hymns, explaining Colbert, and borderline alcoholism.

Hello Nation
Hello Nation
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1. While vomiting on account of heavy drinking is something I've been known to do at least a few times a year, I almost never throw up involuntarily on account of sickness. Sunday night, I found myself sober but throwing up. When's the last time you threw up sober? What happened?

2. It's entirely innocent and one could say it's natural, but we've all made assumptions of race based on a person's name without having seen the person's in the flesh. What is the last time you remember being surprised by a person's race/ethnicity after their name led you down a different path of racial assumption?

3. Wednesday, I had to explain to a co-worker who at least pays a modicum of attention to comedy that Stephen Colbert was playing a character on The Colbert Report. When is the last time you were shocked that you had to explain something to somebody?

4. While I'm far from being an alcoholic, I'd probably be best served if I stopped drinking. What is the worst thing you continue to do to your body despite your knowledge that it's bad for you?

5. There are still a handful of albums from my youth that I still listen to despite having had them in the rotation for over 15 years. What gift from at least 15 years ago is the one that keeps giving on a frequent basis?

Boner #1: Serial or cereal?

Boner #2: Macro or micro?