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Your offseason plans for Dayton Moore and the Royals

The people have spoken! And they want more Ross Gload!

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The Hot Stove season rolls on and still Dayton Moore has yet to make a significant move, building up the suspense as we wait their first "major announcement." Last week I asked readers to come up with their off-season plans for the Royals, and while some of you came up with your ideas in the comments, here are some of the fanposts:

Breakfast Country's Off-season Plan

Jordan W.'s Off-season Plan

Royalbuzzkill's Off-season Plan

nwroyal, gopherballs, Jordan w, 102win, and royalbuzzkill all advocated trading Greg Holland. nwroyals and Jordan w. targeted Nationals outfielder Steven Souza in a trade, while royalbuzzkill looked for a package of prospects from the Blue Jays. 102win sought a pair of Red Sox prospects - Brian Johnson and Manuel Margot.

Here were your solutions for designated hitter:

Billy Butler - Scott McKinney and Jordan w. (although they would only offer 2 years $12 million)

Evan Gattis -  hayden913JC9553, 102win

Jonny Gomes - Gopherballs

Mike Morse -  GMDMApprentice, Gopherballs (if Morse goes cheap)

Carlos Quentin - royalbuzzkill

Steven Souza - nwroyal

Josh Willingham - Breakfast Country

For right field:

Chris Denorfia - Scott McKinney, Gopherballs, nwroyal, Breakfast Country

Melky Cabrera - 102win

Allen Craig - Gopherballs

Torii Hunter on a one year deal or Emilio Bonifacio - GMDMApprentice

Jonny Gomes - royalbuzzkill

Steven Souza - Jordan w.

Yamany Tomas - hayden913JC9553

To replace James Shields in the rotation, most of you advocated targeting a mid-tier free agent pitcher:

Justin Masterson -  nwroyal, Gopherballs, Breakfast Country, Jordan w

Brandon McCarthy - Gopherballs, nwroyal,  GMDMApprentice

Ervin Santana -  GMDMApprentice, nwroyal, Gopherballs

Brett Anderson - Gopherballs, nwroyal

Francisco Liriano -  GMDMApprentice, nwroyal

Jason Hammel - nwroyal

102win wanted to go all in on a contract with Jon Lester for five years, $125 million.

royalbuzzkill wants to get Mat Latos from the Reds for Jorge Bonifacio and Christian Binford. He also wants to go all in on a trade with the Padres to get Ian Kennedy and Carlos Quentin for Raul Mondesi, Brett Eibner, and JC Sulbaran.

hayden913JC9553 wanted to explore a trade for either Ian Kennedy or Jeff Samardzija.

Scott McKinney advocated trading Miguel Almonte, Cheslor Cuthbert, and Jorge Bonifacio to Oakland for Scott Kazmir.

Gopherballs wanted to explore a trade for Jordan Zimmerman of the Nats or R.A. Dickey of the Jays.

Many of you also advocating getting a reclamation project as the sixth man in the rotation. Pitchers to target include:

Colby Lewis - Scott McKinney, Jordan w., Gopherballs

Brett Anderson - Gopherballs, nwroyal

Chris Capuano - Gopherballs

Gavin Floyd - Gopherballs

Aaron Harang - Gopherballs

Josh Johnson - nwroyal

Brandon Morrow - nwroyal

Other ideas:

Breakfast Country wants to get Ben Zobrist from the Rays for Raul Mondesi.

Jordan w would try to get infielder Luis Valbuena from the Cubs for Christian Binford and John Lamb.

nwroyal, 102win, GMDMApprentice, royalbuzzkill, thayne_griffin and Jordan w. all want to bring back Luke Hochevar on a 2 year deal worth between $7-9 million.

thayne_griffin and Breakfast Country want to bring Jason Frasor back on a two-year deal while royalbuzzkill and nwroyals would do a one-year deal. royalbuzzkill would also look at Tigers lefty reliever Phil Coke.


Billy Butler seemed to go for more than what readers were comfortable paying, so Evan Gattis or Mike Morse seem to be the target most favored. Chris Denorfia seems to be the popular right-field free agent target, setting up a nice platoon situation with Jarrod Dyson. Justin Materson, Brandon McCarthy, and Ervin Santana are the mid-tier starting pitchers the Royals should target according to our fans, although many seem to also want to explore a trade for a #2-type starting pitcher, and look for a reclamation project to add depth in the rotation. Many fans want to bring back Luke Hochevar and Jason Frasor to keep the pen together, although they are comfortable moving Greg Holland for the right package of prospects.

And no one wants to keep Aaron Crow around. He's an All-Star and "the sixth inning guy." Did you even consider that?

Oh there is one off-season plan I didn't mention but only because it is so brilliant, so important to your life, so caffeinated. Read royalcoffee's off-season plan, and thank me later.

Thank you for your work, and may Dayton Moore be wise and follow our plan!