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Introducing the SB Nation MLB Awards!

Its the "Royals Review Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence"

Jamie Squire

Its award season, as we've seen with the Gold Glove finalists, the people that hand out the official awards are bad at it, and should feel bad.

So SB Nation is giving out some awards of their own. Think less "Sporting News" and more "The Dundies." Kansas City Keith will serve as emcee.

There will an open thread every few days listed below asking for our choice of Royals-related nominees for each award. I will present 4-5 choices, and you vote on which one will be submitted by Royals Review for the league-wide award. Later this month, the SB Nation MLB writing crew will determine finalists and hold a vote to decide a winner.

Here's the schedule:

November 3: Funniest moment (Nori Aoki is a heavy favorite)

November 5: Most regrettable moment

November 7: Defensive play of the year

November 10: Most important hit

November 12: Pitching appearance

November 14: Team of the year (we cannot nominate the Tigers)

November 17: Voting at for the winners

Start thinking of your 'funniest moment' nominations, the threads will be up SOON. If you want to start suggesting candidates for each of these categories, do so below and I'll incorporate them in the vote.