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Royals Review site housekeeping

Welcome a new writer to our site, and one writer goes on sabbatical.


Just two quick announcements before we resume our excitement at the possibility the Royals might trade for Marlon Byrd.

First of all, please welcome BHWick to our writing staff. He had the excellent designated hitter piece this week, and I have actually been meaning to hire him for several weeks now since I retweet him more than anyone other than Lee Judge. You can follow his tweets at @BHIndepMO.

Second, and completely unrelated, is the announcement that JKWard will be taking a break from the site to focus on his health issues. Josh has been battling issues with his digestion for a few months now, and with the Royals season now over, he will be focusing on his health, school, and work. He hopes to rejoin us in November, just in time to pan the first Dayton Moore transaction. I hope you'll join me in wishing Josh a speedy recovery.

I also wanted to let you know we've become one of the top five baseball sites on SB Nation, and we've been able to do so while still preserving the core of what the is community is all about. I just wanted to thank you all for a terrific season this year.

Coming up we're going to have the Off-season Simulation next week (all GM spots are filled, sorry), and we'll continue to roll out trade and free agent targets. We'll have a post for our choices (and yours) for 2014 MLB and Royals-related Awards and we'll continue the SB Nation "favorite moments" series. I'd like to do a series soliciting off-season plans for the Royals from readers. If all goes well, I may even continue the "Top 100 Royals of All-Time Thread."

If there is something you'd like to see, let us know in the comments! Thanks.