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Help us choose the Royals defensive play of the year

So many to choose from.

H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

We continue with the Royals nominations for the SB Nation MLB Awards by choosing the Royals defensive play of the year.

Previous nominees:

Funniest Royals moment: Nori Aoki getting hit in the groin on a flyball

Most regrettable Royals moment: Not sending Alex Gordon in Game 7 of the World Series

The Royals were such a fantastic defensive ballclub its hard to select just a few nominees to choose from. Not even Jayson Nix - whose defense is so great, it merited a roster spot for the World Series - found his way on this list.

Lorenzo Cain catch on JD Martinez in June

Lorenzo Cain is fantastic. I mean, not "Gold Glove fantastic" obviously, but he is pretty nifty at catching fly balls. We had so many great Lorenzo plays to choose from, but this catch in June against Tigers outfielder J.D. Martinez was pretty awesome.

I mean, I couldn't even get this amazing catch the next day off J.D. Martinez, possibly robbing him of a home run on this list. Lorenzo is the best.

Lorenzo Cain catches a Kole Calhoun's blast at the wall in Game One of the American League Divisional Series

Hey, its that Cain guy again. The great thing about the post-season is it allowed the whole nation to see what Lorenzo could do. And in Game One of the American League Divisional Series against the Angels, Lorenzo showed right away what he was capable of.

What did you think of that Jason Vargas?

Lorenzo Cain robs Albert Pujols in Game Three of the American League Divisional Series

This guy again? He made several great catches in Game Three alone to seal the deal, but this one stood out, when he robbed Albert Pujols of a base hit on a sinking line drive.

Mike Moustakas catches a foul pop up above the dugout suite in Game Three of the American League Championship Series

Mike Moustakas had a hugely disappointing season at the plate, but luckily his glove was still pretty effective. He showed some leather in the American League Championship Series against Baltimore, going the extra mile by leaping above the dugout suite to snare a foul ball hit by Orioles outfielder Adam Jones.

No Steve Bartmans here. Anoint us the true BEST FANS IN BASEBALL.

Alex Gordon hits the wall against in Game Four of the American League Championship Series

Game Four was pretty much a coronation of the Royals as American League champs, and Alex Gordon put the exclamation point on the event with this running catch into the wall at Kauffman Stadium. Alex was fine. The wall is permanently damaged.

What was the best Royals defensive play in 2014?