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OMD's Shadow Royals: 2014-2015 Offseason Simulation Day 1

The Shadow Royals of 2015 are starting to take shape.

You'll be missed.
You'll be missed.
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[Updated at 9:49 PM]

Here we are again. It's simulation time. For the third year running, I am the General Manager of the Kansas City Royals--or at least of the Shadow Royals. As in the prior two years, I'll keep people apprised of the Shadow Royals' progress (I assure you, there is still a end of year wrap-up coming).

Max's offseason simulation started at 7:00 PM on Sunday night.

Of course I made a deal well before the sim started. Call me Dayton Moore without the flag flying over the Hall of Fame.

Move #1

Royals trade starting pitcher Jason Vargas and pitching prospects Christian Binford and Cody Reed to the Chicago Cubs for starting pitcher Edwin Jackson, infielder Luis Valbuena, and $6MM--$4MM in 2015 and $2MM in 2016.

Royals orders of business

The Royals bought out the final year of Billy Butler's contract, costing them $1.0MM.

The Royals exercise their club option on Wade Davis, committing $7.0MM to the reliever in 2015.

The Royals non-tender Jayson Nix.

The Royals extend a Qualifying Offer to James Shields.

Move #2

The Royals send closer Greg Holland to the Boston Red Sox for outfielder Allen Craig, pitching prospect Brian Johnson, and $5.0MM--$1.5MM in 2016, and $3.5MM in 2017.

Cue outrage.

Irons are in the fire. I'll keep y'all posted.