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Royals Rumblings - News for December 11, 2014

The entire Kansas City Royals have been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Royals Rumblings - News for December 11, 2014

Andy McCullough writes that the Royals are still talking to the Braves about Justin Upton and provides some clues as to what it might take to pry the slugger.

One league official speculated Atlanta seeks one of Kansas City’s three premier relievers — Greg Holland, Wade Davis and Kelvin Herrera — to pair with four-time All Star closer Craig Kimbrel. The Royals theoretically could build around a package around one of the relievers and a top prospect like Brandon Finnegan or Kyle Zimmer — if the club is willing to sacrifice as much.

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They're also still talking to the Mets about pitcher Dillon Gee, but thankfully there is "no traction" yet.

Jayson Stark gives us the latest on the Royals trade discussions for their relievers.

And hey, did Dayton Moore acquire a time machine this winter?

The Royals were interested in pitcher Brandon McCarthy, but he may be close to a four-year deal with the Dodgers. McCarthy, who has been in the big leagues since 2005, just had his first season where he was healthy enough to make 30 starts. Four years, huh?

The Dodgers rip off the Marlins and possibly tried to get Dan Haren to retire. They also acquire Jimmy Rollins. And they cap off a busy day by picking up Howie Kendrick. Uh, wow.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post writes that teams are trying to copy the Royals formula of "HDH" and its making relievers very rich.

In recent years, teams had been ebbing away from paying relievers significant dollars, feeling they were the easiest pieces to find inexpensively. However, Kansas City’s run to the World Series behind a dominant trio of late-game relievers – Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis and Greg Holland – has convinced more teams to try to invest in this area.

For the first time since after the 2007 campaign, two relievers in the same free agent class received more than $35 million: Francisco Cordero (four years, $46 million) and Mariano Rivera (three years, $45 million) then, Andrew Miller (four years, $36 million) and David Robertson (four years, $46 million) now. It also represents the first time since that offseason two relievers got four-year deals (Cordero and Scott Linebrink).

David Hill at Kings of Kauffman points out that Omar Infante might be available in a trade to take advantage of a weak class of second basemen in the free agent market.

It makes sense that the Royals would make Infante available. The free agent class at second is weak, with old friend Emilio Bonifacio arguably the best available. With the market being that thin, it is reasonable that there may well be interest for a team to bring in Infante. Even coming off an injury plagued season, Infante certainly seems like the best option available.

The Royals are good at defense.

Lindsay Parker-Banks at the KC Post voices her displeasure with the Royals dynamic pricing of their tickets.

Hunter Dozier was named one of the top prospects from the Arizona Fall League.

Grant Brisbee answers why Jon Lester would want to sign with a last place team like the Cubs. Maybe he likes his Octobers free for vacations?

Diamondbacks GM Dave Stewart commits a faux paus.

Rob Neyer defends his negative stance on most long-term free agent contracts.

Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk ranks Ned Yost as the third-most handsome manager in the big leagues.

The Rangers are really set on protecting Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson from being selected in the minor league portion of the Rule 5 draft.

Baseball enjoyed a record $9 billion in revenues last year, so it is obviously a dying sport.

The Ray Rice arbitration hearing transcript has been released, and it has raised a lot of questions about what the heck is wrong with Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Why so many health articles you read are junk.

HBO plans to launch its stand-alone streaming service by the start of the next season OF "Game of Thrones." SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! However, they have scrapped their internal technology and will use the technology used in MLB Advanced Media, which could offer a setback.

David Letterman's last show will be May 20. Stephen Colbert, who is ending his show this month, will take over.

Uproxx has their top ten TV shows of 2014.

Your song of the day is Saul Williams with "List of Demands."