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Get 20% off Royals t-shirts at Breaking T

They don't have Kendrys Morales shirts....yet.

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Sorry to interrupt the Kendrys Morales love-fest, but I just wanted to let you know that the Royals shirts we sold during the playoffs are still available and would make a super-duper nice holiday gift for the Royals fan in your life (maybe even for the handsome individual you see in the mirror each day.....TREAT YO SELF!)

And the great thing now is, you can get a 20% discount if you enter the promo code ROYREV20. We couldn't get "Getzrulez" unfortunately.

We still have this Super Cain shirt that yours truly wore to the World Series.

And we also still have the Jarrod Dyson dance party shirt if you're just a little bit cooler.

They also have a Royals 1985 Championship shirt if the Kendrys Morales shirt is making you long for days long past.

Don't sit around and wait for Kendrys Morales to lead us back to the World Series next year. Order your Royals shirt now and receive yours in time for the holidays!