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The winner of the Ballpark Blueprints free agent prediction contest is...

You will be able to find this sharp-looking blueprint at Waldo Pizza.

Remember our Ballpark Blueprints free agent contest giveaway? Well we have our winner, and it is scagnetti, with his prediction of Kendrys Morales, which unfortunately, is the right answer. Scagnetti was actually one of two people to predict Morales, along with Sabosgoggles, but scagnetti correctly predicted a two-year deal for the Cuban slugger.

Any words on your big victory, scagnetti?

Morales for two years and $20 million sucks and is about $20 million and two years too many.

Thanks again for everything. It almost does make it worth seeing Kendrys for two years.

No. No it doesn't.

But it is a very welcome, dubious honor...

Well said.

Scagnetti actually lives abroad, so he has graciously donated his prize to Waldo Pizza's Tap Room at 75th and Wornall in Waldo.

Thanks again to our friends at Ballpark Blueprints for providing the prize, you can purchase the print of Kauffman Stadium at