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State of Royals Review: How are we doing?

What a year it has been - a change in site management, a season for the ages, the debate over ketchup. What can we do to improve in 2015?

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It has been a whirlwind 2014 season for Royals Review. We had our dear editor Craig Brown and writer Clark Fosler depart to leave little ol' me to run the show here. We added a number of new writers who are bringing new and interesting articles all the time. We had a season that looked to be done in July evolve into the most magical Royals season since 1985 full of memories to last a lifetime. We had meetups at the K, and watch parties and I got the chance to meet awesome readers as well as Royals Super Fan Sung Woo Lee. We even debated ketchup. Yes, ketchup.

Royals Review, as a site, has more traffic than it has ever had before. Our views and clicks have exploded this year, particularly during the post-season run, but we've maintained a lot of our traffic since the season ended. This is a double-edged sword of course. We always welcome new readers and contributors, but as an editor, I want to remain true to what brought this community together in the first place.

So now is your chance to offer feedback. How are we doing? What do you like about the site? What do you not like about the site? What ideas would you like to see added?  Is there too much content? Not enough? Do you prefer the long pieces or the short pieces? Is Royals Rumblings too long? Too short? Is there something more you'd like to see in it? Are fanposts being promoted enough? Is there too much satire or not enough? Is the site too negative? A propaganda wing of the Dayton Moore administration?

I want to emphasize you are encouraged to speak freely, even if it means criticism of the site, my administration of it, or SB Nation in general since this is the appropriate thread for it. I will add, however, that most criticisms of the design of SB Nation sites have been asked an answered, and I have pretty much no control over the design, so those such criticisms are akin to the old man shouting at a cloud. What I'm really looking for is feedback on content.

But hey, its your forum. Vent away. I do want to thank everyone for being part of this community and I would never have agreed to become editor of the site if I didn't think this was the absolute best group of people to talk about the Royals, sports, or coffee with. So thanks, and here's to a terrific 2015.