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The Best of Royals Review 2014

It was the best blogging in the history of whatever.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We mark the end of 2014, one of the most memorable years in Royals history and in Royals Review history. It was a wild year and we discovered that having a successful team didn't diminish the quality of our writing and discussion! Maybe we should do this winning thing more often.

Let's take a look back at the best Royals Review had to offer in 2014.

Best Opinion Pieces

Craig Brown left us in 2014, but he left us with some biting commentary, including this piece criticizing the Royals for complaints that the fans weren't supporting their efforts more.

Minda Haas wrote about her frustrations when Dayton Moore said he would accept responsibility for the slow start in 2014.

Connor Moylan vented about the growing disconnect between Royals management and their fanbase back in May.

Max Rieper wrote about why, despite some success, Royals manager Ned Yost is just so infuriating to fans.

Matthew LaMar asked why we root for the Royals.

He also wrote about how the Royals success in 2014 completely shifted to sports culture in Kansas City.

After the Royals clinched, Max Rieper reflected on 29 years of misery as a Royals fan.

Joshua Ward also reflected upon his feelings following the Royals clinching a post-season spot and found words to be at a bit of a loss.

Best Analytical Pieces

Clark Fosler looked at how Danny Duffy had problems finishing hitters off after getting two strikes.

Kevin Ruprecht had great stuff all year. He picked apart the mechanics of the Royals pitching staff and wondered if it was a factor in the Royals inability to develop pitching as fast as other organizations.

In early May, he found Salvador Perez was improving at pitch-framing.

He also looked at the effect of Kauffman Stadium on flyballs.

Shaun Newkirk looked at the fall of once promising infielder Kenny Diekroger.

Shaun also had a terrific piece looking at the exciting debut of 2014 draft pick Brandon Finnegan.

BHwick looked at the need to get Salvador Perez some rest.

Max Rieper was quite prescient in pointing out the running game could be a major factor in the Wild Card game against Oakland.

Kevin Ruprecht pointed out that the Royals were able to defeat the Angels in the ALDS by making adjustments, while the Angels did not.

Matthew LaMar wrote the most viewed article in Royals Review history, a piece on how the Royals and Dodgers could match up as trade partners.

Best Fanposts

Gross(est) gave us her first-hand account at Royals FanFest last January.

Before he joined the writing staff, BHWick gave us a history of Royals team-meetings after the team held the infamous Raul Ibanez-led meeting in July when the team was feeling down.

averagegatsby revisits his $11 Taco Bell experience.

Crooow got to talk to "anonymous scout" to give an interesting perspective on scouting, and the Royals' reputation.

Mike.Brown got to talk to Royals Assistant General Manager Dean Taylor, who had some eye-opening remarks on their philosophy versus Oakland's.

Farmhand gave a wonderful vegetarian's guide to the Royals starting lineup.

The Royals post-season run had extra meaning to John Dixon.

Mas Cervezas gave us an awesome first-hand account of Game 1 and Game 2 of the ALCS in Baltimore.

Commercialeer gave us good reasons to hate San Francisco in anticipation of the World Series.

John Dixon provided a rebuttal to a piece titled "13 reasons why the Kansas City Royals are the worst."

Sweep_the_Leg gave a lot of good options to filling the void in right-field that did not include overpaying for Alex Rios.

CobraCy provided his annual catalog of actual things you can buy at the Royals team store.

Best Game Recaps

We had the Royals 6-0 win over Tampa Bay and a strike against the oppressive Russian regime written by Tolstoy Josh Duggan.

When Fox Sports Kansas City did not air a July Royals/Indians matchup, Max Rieper decided to re-enact the highlights using Legos.

The Royals had an important September series against the Tigers, but Jeremy Guthrie was pitching. And he is still pitching, as Josh Duggan would write.

There was the night we clinched our first post-season appearance in 29 years, as written by Ryan Landreth. WARNING, THAR BE ANIMATED GIFS AHEAD!

Do you like all green comments? The Wild Card game recap is covered with them.

Its still fun to look back at the World Series Game 6 Recap that sent us to the precipice of a championship.

Best Humor

Jeff Zimmerman took us on an amazing journey through the Royals team photos.

Mike Moustakas had a brief sojourn to the minor leagues in 2014, and Josh Duggan wrote about his harrowing odyssey.

im_not_that_bright warned us not to use salty language like "demoted to Omaha".

He also cautioned Royals fans to show some self-respect in light of the Derek Jeter love-fest.

Matthew LaMar explained how the Royals 2014 success was due mostly to a foul up by an intern to the Baseball Gods.

If you ever wanted some ideas for Royals-inspired children's books, Tyler Drenon has you covered.

Tyler also described the Royals pitching staff in the most extreme hyperbole possible. Plus hyperbole!

Best Comments

rtb_kc was glad to come back to Earth after an offensive spurt.

kcstengel figured out why the Royals were such a good road time, but lackluster at home.

BabyBlues approves of the Wil Myers trade.

Sweep_the_Leg gets Dayton Moore's offensive philosophy.

Shawn Newkirk marveled at the Royals ability to send players to the All-Star Game.

Skillet13 summed up our feelings during the hot streak this summer.

kcstengel had a solution to Ned's musing that crowds weren't coming out to see the Royals.

Quisenberry4ever had the solution to Salvador Perez's hacking ways.

Before the Royals ALDS game in Baltimore, whistlebritches gave us some Nedgar Allen Yost.

Best GIFs/Photoshops

Well this is Tyler Drenon's wheel-house.

He nailed the Royals off-season billboard.

Bruce Chen was timeless in 2014.


While Yordano Ventura can THROW FIRE!


Here are Royals pitchers throwing other objects.

1040X gave us an explanation for Aaron Crow pitching to Daniel Nava.

I still love this, from Taiwan news.


Jeff Zimmerman had a terrific interview with Royals trainer Mark Hatfield before the season, and a healthy season at that.

Max Rieper got to know new Royals beat writer Andy McCullough in a Q&A.

NHZ had a terrific "Ups and Downs" as the Royals headed down the stretch.

The best internet reactions to the Royals clinching a playoff spot.

The Off-season General Manager Simulation is always one of the most fun things we do on this site. Josh Duggan had fun looking back at how his Shadow Royals from last year's simulation fared.

Ryan Landreth did a cool thing by helping out his friend Sarah Davis by asking for support for an amazing career opportunity.

I'm sure we missed some good ones, so let us know in the comments. Thanks again for an amazing season and let's have a terrific 2015!