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Royals Review free agent prediction contest giveaway

WIN PRIZES! The loser gets stuck with Torii Hunter.

It is December 5 and Dayton Moore usually has his entire team settled by now in the off-season. This year, Dayton has yet to make any significant additions to the club, instead simply retaining relievers Jason Frasor and Luke Hochevar, and dealing reliever Aaron Crow for two minor leaguers. The Royals have been connected to a number of free agents, but when will the shoe drop?

So we might as well have fun with Dayton Moore's restraint. Let's have a free agent prediction contest. I want you to tell me who will be the first free agent on a Major League contract from another club that Dayton Moore signs, and how much they sign for. Include options (MUTUAL OPTIONS!) Whoever gets the right free agent with the closest dollar amount wins. Well what do they win?

The winner will take home this nifty Ballpark Blueprint of Kauffman Stadium from Ballpark Blueprints.

This is not a sponsored content post, and is not through SB Nation. This is a small company that contacted me to give away one of their prints to our fans to get their name out. And full disclosure, they did send me a print, which looks pretty sharp in my office right now. These prints would make a sharp holiday gift for the Royals fan in your life.

So who will it be? A right-fielder? A designated hitter? A starting pitcher? ALL THE RELIEVERS? Here is a list of MLB Free Agents. One entry per user please, so list your free agent and the contract Dayton Moore signs them for.