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Royals request release waivers on Emilio Bonifacio

Ed Zurga

On Monday, the Royals requested unconditional release waivers for utility man Emilio Bonifacio.

Bonifacio was designated for assignment on February 1, when the Royals needed the roster spot after signing free agent Bruce Chen. After the Royals designated Bonifacio for assignment, they had 10 days to arrange a trade. Ten days later, here we are.

Royals General Manager Dayton Moore said there were a few teams interested in Bonifacio, but they were apparently put off by either the Royals asking price or his contract. Or both. He's due to earn $3.5 million in what was his final year of arbitration eligibility. If there was truly interest, I don't see how we got to this point. It seems the Royals should have taken something for him, rather lose him for nothing. But it's not like this hasn't happened before. The Royals nabbed Bonifacio from the Blue Jays last August for cash.

If Bonifacio is claimed by a team, they will have to pick up his entire salary for 2014. Since the Royals were unable to move him prior to the waiver process, that seems highly unlikely. What appears likely is that in the next 48 hours, Bonifacio will clear waivers and will become a free agent. His contract with the Royals was non-guaranteed money, so as a free agent, his agents will get to negotiate a new deal for their client. However, the Royals will owe him 1/6 of previously agreed upon salary, which comes to a total of $583,333.

At least we still have Jorge.