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The Tonight Show with RoyalsRetro Friday Open Thread

On tonight's show, billybeingbilly, Kansas City Keith, and the comedy stylings of Bruce Chen.

Neilson Barnard

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon premiered this week, and while I had my doubts about Fallon hosting a talk show after his constant breaking character during Saturday Night Live sketches, I found his show pretty watchable, even endearing. He clearly loves and appreciates how lucky he is to have this position, seems to be well-liked by most his guests (he never has anything negative to say, which helps), and that likeability seems to extend to non-celebrities as he has somehow convinced a terrific house band (The Roots) and writing staff to join his show.

The show isn't absurd surrealism like Conan O'Brien or David Letterman's early days, or even as edgy as Craig Ferguson or Jimmy Kimmel, but its nice broad comedy that won't appeal exclusively to the over 60 crowd the way Jay Leno did. From the first week, he's already had a couple of bits go viral, and if you haven't seen Brian Williams rapping or Will Ferrell skating to Downton Abbey, you are missing out.

Four Late Night Questions:

1. Who is your favorite Late Night talk show host of all time?

2. What was the worst transaction of the off-season?

3. If you were a talk show host, who would be your two guests and musical act?

4. What was the most fun "late night" where you got to stay up as a kid?

BONER: Which Royal would make the most entertaining talk show guest?

BONER TOO: The two lead actors on the next season of "True Detective" should be...who?