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Cactus League Game 2: A chance to rebound

One of the rare balls caught on Thursday.
One of the rare balls caught on Thursday.
Mike McGinnis

OK. The Royals stumbled out of the gate in Arizona. As such, I've adjusted their projected win total. They drop from 92 to 71. Seems fair. I recommend you adjust your projections as well.

Here is today's lineup:

Norichika Aoki - RF
Jason Donald - 2B
Eric Hosmer - 1B
Billy Butler - DH
Alex Gordon - LF
Salvador Perez - C
Mike Moustakas - 3B
Lorenzo Cain - CF
Christian Colon - SS

James Shields will start. He will be followed by Chris Dwyer, Jason Adam, Tim Collins, Everett Teaford, Sugar Ray Marimon and Michael Mariot. I'm definitely interested in the pitching mix today. Plus, the C Team gets the middle infield spots today. I suppose it will be interesting to see Colon. But only because I'm still hungry for baseball.

First pitch today is 2:05 CT and can be streamed on